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The Backstore

A typical day in the pit of retail hell is anything but ordinary for Tyler.
If he isn’t getting fucked by his boss and coworkers, it’s the slow drag of the clock that he must endure before he can find that sweet release.
Join Tyler as he learns to be a team player, utilizing his assets for the benefit of his crew as they fight for their lives in the monotony of minimum wage in the toughest store in the district.

Seasonal Treat


This is the halloween special of 2023!
Join Tyler and his friend Hailee as they attempt

to unpack the halloween decorations...

Story edits by E.S.F.

Team Building


Anchor 2
The Backstore 2

The Backstore, Chapter 2

Follow Tyler and company in the second chapter

of the Backstore, as they unravel the mysteries

slowly showing up

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